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Anonymous said: Exams anon again, our story development lecture is on Monday morning, so would we still the story development lab later in the week?

yes, you have to attend both.

both clases are run by different teachers and have different material.

your exam for story development is in your storyboard LECTURE, but your storyboard lab teacher is the one who will return your exam to you.

Anonymous said: I'm figuring out flights home. When do we get our finals schedule? I read that they take place during regular scheduled class, but what Fall classes do we actually have exams for apart from English? Do they just happen during the last session for each class?

we don’t have a finals week. All exams are in class exams usually on the second last or last week of classes. You’ll have them in your electives and in the story lecture and in animation history second semester.

Anonymous said: When can we get the Photoshop package ? Can we download it from home or it has to be done at school?

You should get an email saying when the license numbers are up on access sheridan, or the teachers will tell you atleast. You can download them from home and school, it doesn’t matter. 

Anonymous said: I was wondering exactly who gets into new rez and who goes to old rez...?

it’s random as far as I know. 

Anonymous said: Hii can someone list all the breaks without classes like ( Winter break, reading week, spring break? Etc) and how long each break is? It would be much appreciated :))))

it’s on the sheridan website…

Anonymous said: did the early move ins go to new res or old res? do you know?

they went to both. Last year the only reason why old rez was for early move-in only was because they hadn’t finished building the new rez.

Anonymous said: I heard that the new residence desks don't have drawers to put your stuff in?? Is that true...

yes that’s true. The desks smaller too. I liked the new rez better than the old rez though.

Anonymous said: My animal drawings are very linear and have only certain lines indicating the form. Is that good enough or should i include full on structure lines.

What do you mean certain lines.. anyway I would rec the “full on” structure line, unless “full on” is a full contour which NO YOU DO NOT NEED THAT

Anonymous said: I know a similar question about textbooks was answered, but is it worth it to buy textbooks on amazon or wait and look for second years who are selling? Someone explained the options of how to get textbooks and i just wanted to know which one would save more money/time :)

Probably like all the second years are looking to sell some books, so I’d ask around!  If you can’t find someone by the time you actually need the textbook, I’d just find it on amazon haha.  

…Man I really want to sell shot by shot by not sure if I still want it…. 

Anonymous said: do you guys know anything about move in day? like what time and such?

call rez for that information. We are not rez.