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Anonymous said: Do the portfolio works need to be originals or photocopied?

originals unless you’re mailing the portfolio - then you can make copies but they prefer originals.

Anonymous said: Is the electives workload generally manageable along with the animation workload? Kinda thinking about taking summer electives or online electives. Also, how easy is it to find a job on-campus (like in the food court)?

english is pretty easy and the workload for the other elective differs on the prof but it’s all manageable. 

in terms of finding a job on campus, there are a few people who work in the bookstore or the other food places. check the sheridan student union site for any job openings that you could apply to! (remember, we’re the trafalgar campus)

Anonymous said: Will it be possible to take electives during the summer instead of the school year? I feel like I won't be able to juggle less important electives on top of all the work people keep telling me about :S

yes you can take summer electives! You can also take certain electives online, so that’s always an option!

Anonymous said: Hey, but im not live in canada, how i can send my protfolio ? And i will not get a highschool diploma until may or june ? So i will send mine later, ok ?

you mail it in just like all the other international students and it’s not due until february.

Anonymous said: Do all students get mixed up in different classes? so for example will I be having all 6 classes with the same 24 classmates or is each class different people?

It will be the same group of people each class (except for your electives) so you will probably move from class to class together because you all have the same schedule 

Anonymous said: Do all students get mixed up in different classes? so for example will I be having all 6 classes with the same 24 classmates or is each class different people?

Same classmates. You’re all divided into groups (A-F I believe) and you stay with that group for the entire year.

Anonymous said: Hello! When do profs start sending out the required art supplies lists for each class? Do they provide the list before classes start, or only on the first day? People have mentioned that supplies are scarce at the school store and Curry's once classes start, and that we should rush to get our supplies now. However, I am wondering if it is worth it to spend money on supplies when we haven't received the official supply lists yet. Thank you for your time.

those people are crazy, there’s always art supplies at the school store and curries, don’t worry about rushing. the teachers usually tell you what you’ll need on the first class, so just bring a sketchbook and some pencils. the painting teacher will probably e-mail you before hand a list of some supplies, but don’t expect that until the first week or so

Anonymous said: When we start registering for classes in a few weeks, will we be picking out our classes for the whole year? Or will we be picking out classes only for the first semester?

first years don’t pick any classes until second semester. other years you’re only picking your elective for first semester

Anonymous said: Hello, i want to apply online, so can i scan my portfolio on computer and send them ?

you can’t send your portfolio online. it’s either mailed in or brought in person.

Anonymous said: How many students are there in animation class ?

25 per class, and there are 6 classes.