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Anonymous said: I feel like I'm one of the worst artists in my group. People look at my work and say nothing at all and looking at there's I KNOW it's a million times better. I am crying all the time and don't know what to do. I get my assignments done, but just barely as I am a slow worker, and I have no time for personal art or at the very least practicing what I've learned in class. I can barely eat or sleep and feel nauseous all the time. Does 2nd semester get better? Same anon as a few days ago.

Hi there! We all have those terrible days where we look at our art, compare ourselves to people we admire, and feel worthless/hopeless/anxious. It’s something I personally go through frequently too. However, it seems like you’re having way too many bad days and it’s really holding you back and probably harmful to your health at this point? I really think you should try to talk to a counselor at school because we’re just some students trying to work though varying degrees of the same feelings as well. I’m not sure if anything we say will really help you that much.

About 2nd semester. Some people find it better, some people find it worse. I don’t think you should be dragging yourself through the days with the thought that it’s suddenly gonna get better later. I think that actually makes things feel worse when you get there and realize that it’s just another day like usual. I think it’s better to do everything you can to build a process for dealing with stress and anxiety until the day comes that your first response no longer being overwhelmed. This is how I feel anyway. I’m still working on it.

So.. yeah. I’d recommend talking to a counselor. Don’t be embarrassed about it, if you’ve never spoken one before. They and we students all know that school can be really stressful and a strain on our mental health. Several people I know in the program go see counselors. They say it’s really helpful!

I hope I’ve been a little helpful and didn’t make anything worse. Ack. Feel free to come off anon and chat with me (I can be reached at onethirdbird on tumblr) about art, school, feelings, food, anime, or anything you want! It’s a judgment free zone!

Drop us a line later to let us know how you’re doing. Hope things get better for you soon!

mod 2 (ikkoros): And seriously, don’t be afraid to talk with any friends you have either; it helps if they’re an artist too (like your classmates!) or just an old friend from highschool and whatnot.  It helps you realize that everyone, no matter how successful they look on the outside, really don’t have that much confidence in their own skills.

I think a lot of the art community, or at least what it seems like on the outside, perpetuates art as only being worth the final product.  That’s not true!  Art is made only by artists, and all artists are humans who put a lot of stock and emotion into their own work.  It’s definitely a lot of pain and tears, but if more than half of your days are pain and tears (or anything, really; don’t ever think you’re overreacting!) then it would be good to go to a counsellor too, on top of talking with friends you trust.  Heck, you can even make new friends by bonding over your insecurities! (seriously.  I think that is how I make my closest friendships, haha)

I hope what I said helps too. And as the mod above said, please drop us a line to let us know how you’re doing after.  We really do care about the wellbeing of you kids!!! And every kid above us, too.

P.S. If you want to go see a counselor, I would make an appointment ASAP because they book up super fast and it takes at least two weeks to get to be able to see one.

Anonymous said: Hi! Im from Europe and I've been wondering what should I do- I want so bad to get into Sheridan I tend to cry sometimes, because my family most likely won't be able to pay tuition. Any advice? Sorry if this is a stupid ask, but I'm really desperate.

although i’m unfamiliar with the school system/tuition in europe, there are a lot of animation schools over there, right? what about those? otherwise, looking/applying for scholarships is the only other option i can think of.. 

Anonymous said: Hey so i recently won the art award for grade 11 (i'm in grade 12 now, that was the last awards ceremony i will be in) and i was just thinking, for the application process, is something like that any help at all? I mean i know the the portfolio is 99.99% of the decision but i was just wondering if something like an art award is useful at all. Thank you!

it might help for scholarships ?? but other wise no you don’t get any advantage on your portfolio.

Anonymous said: Would a wine glass suffice for the cone in the obj drawing section?

no, but a martini glass would.

Anonymous said: Do animation students eventually need to buy a lightpad?

Nahhhh no need at all, there’s a whole bunch in the studios and you won’t need them unless you plan on doing traditional animation for a good portion of your life! (you will not be doing traditional animation for a good portion of your life.)

Anonymous said: for the portfolio, more specifically the object drawing section, how strict are they on the idea of what a 'cone' and 'sphere are' is an egg shape still considered a sphere? also, would something like a cup that tapers at the bottom be considered as more of a cone or a cylinder, and what about a pyramid? is that enough of a cone?

an egg works as a sphere, a cone should have a circular bottom and a tapered top

Anonymous said: This has prbably been asked a hundred times but sorry I have to confirm, is 8.5 by 11 inch paper okay to draw all the required pieced on (hands, room, character rotations etc..) or do we have to use 9 by 12. Also if there isn't a requirement, them what do you guys suggest is best

both are fine

Anonymous said: Idk if this is just a rumor or not but does 1/3 of the students actually drop out after 1st year?? If not then how many actually drop out?

It is just a rumour and, like, about 5-10 after first year and another 5 after that (at least for us!  and a bunch of them take a year off due to illness/mental health/etc and come back if there is enough space!)

Anonymous said: Hi 2 quick questions, do we stay in our classes for all four years? And is it true that the winter break is a month long?

1) Nope, we switch around every year!


Anonymous said: I'm finding it so hard dealing with stress and have fallen behind in certain areas. I am also worried about the upcoming bone/hand portfolios because I literally cannot find a moment to draw them (as I'm focuses/stressed with current assignments). I find myself crying all the time or feeling constantly nauseous from stress and I don't know what to do. I am working really hard and still feel behind other students.

i’m so sorry you’re feeling overwhelmed with school work :( is there anyone you can talk to ? perhaps you can try organizing a bones-drawing session or post in your year’s fb group asking if you can draw with anyone with the bone you need to draw? i’m sure there are other students who are falling a bit behind on the bones drawings as well. that usually happens as the weeks go by. so you guys can come together and help each other out ! everyone works at different rates - please don’t compare yourself with others too much i mean look how far you’ve come and you’re only gonna keep growing into an awesome artist !

of course, the school does provide counseling if you feel it’s getting too much for you to handle alone. please take care of yourself though - your health and well-being always comes first ! i hope this helped ~