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Anonymous said: This is probably is a very broad question but I heard u guys r gonna turn into a university like anytime now so I just wanna know when the change to uni will happen and if that'll affect the animation program in anyway and if I'm applying this year is anything is gonna be different????

sheridan plans on becoming a university by 2017. i guess the program’s already been affected since it’s a degree program now but that’s been there for a while now. some other changes would be the increase of accepted students and tuition costs but other than that there hasn’t been anything else significant idk 

Anonymous said: Hello, do they mix all of the student to study together, inclues international student?


Anonymous said: If we need to borrow a stylus for the tablets in the first year computer labs during the weekend, would IT/help desk still be open?

You don’t go to the help desk, you go to the tech office in the A wing, and no they aren’t around on the weekend so get them beforehand if you know you’ll be needing one.

Anonymous said: Regarding the university student asking about high school transcripts: yes, you have to supply both your high school transcript and your university transcript when you apply.

Anonymous said: Hey! I understand that age doesn't matter for acceptance in the program, but I was wondering how transcripts work? I've been out of school for some time now ..

call the school. they’re alot more helpful than us when it comes to stuff like this.

mrploxy said: ELLO! I'm new, and i'm entering the Course on 2015, Do you know when is the portfolio assessment thingy gonna happen? the one where a professor will Assess your folio face to face?

the sheridan open house and portfolio review day are both on nov 15. it starts at 11 but i definitely recommend going an hour or more earlier because the line fills out fast. when i went i got there at 10 and didn’t get mine reviewed until 2pm which is actually when they end the reviews so they couldn’t even see everyone.

Anonymous said: As an international student applying for 2015, what would be the first thing you recommend i do? I have read through the requirements consistently over the past few months and i don't really know where to start? Would i be better off beginning sketches for my portfolio or beginning the application process?

the application process won’t be open until around november so just start roughing out ideas for your portfolio. keep developing ideas because chances are your first idea will suck. 

Anonymous said: Do university students have to supply their high school transcripts, or are only the university transcripts required?

this has been sitting in the inbox for a while so i’m assuming no one knows so just call the school. 

Anonymous said: for the life drawing (for people) section, is it okay to use pictures if you can't get enrolled in any life drawing classes?

yes you can but the profs can tell whether you drew from life or from a photo since drawings from photo ref usually looks stiff as hell.

check online for local figure drawing sessions though ! most cities should have them available for around $10. photo refs should be a very last resort.

Anonymous said: Are there any life drawing books that you guys would recommend?

there are a bunch out there that you can try out i think it all varies from person to person. 

for anatomy specifically though, both 1st and 2nd years are recommended classic human anatomy by valerie l winslow although it doesn’t really focus on figure drawing - more on skeletal/muscular systems