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Anonymous said: I dont have senior level arts credit, so they told me to go to " arts fundamentals" but i dont want to, because i heard that its waste time and money, so do u know somewhere else can help me have slac ? In canada ?

The easiest way to do it would be to take a high school art class.. But if you don’t have the credit there isn’t much you can do (if you want to get into animation). Fundies seems like a solid option.

Anonymous said: Hey I'm entering first year soo do any of you know about intermural soccer at Sheridan? I just mainly want to know how it works in brief and is it possible to play intermural soccer and at the same time seriously put 110% effort into the heavy workload of the animation program

i don’t personally know alot about the sports teams at school but there is one student in my year who was on the rugby team. they had to go back and forth between campuses sometimes for games/practices but they managed to handle the work fairly well from what i remember. again, it’s just time management. 

Anonymous said: I know I shouldn't be asking this, cause it's kind of obvious.. but how is the mandatory English composition/rhetoric course? What is being taught in that class? What is the course work and how big is the work load (lots of essays and reading comprehension) ? I was just wondering what this course it, feels like the same compulsory 4 years of english class that had to be taken, except like its not 4 but 2 or three.

It’s basically just an essay writing class. You learn to write essays. It’s boring. It depends on the teacher in terms of difficulty though- Some mark easier, some harder. 

Anonymous said: Would you recommend that first year students bring printers to print notes and/or assignments?

I think it’s a good idea!  Though the school also has printers and some free printing money; I never needed to bring one but if I wanted to print something I’d always just have to go to the school haha.

Anonymous said: This may be a silly question, but what format do the various 1st year animation lectures use? Do profs give lectures in the form of powerpoint presentations that students can save or print off? Or do the profs just dictate the lectures, and we take our own notes down?

A little of both, there are powerpoints which will be put on the server so you can reference them whenever, but it’s important to take notes because not everything is put onto the slides.

kurostudios said: I've seen some posts flying around about use of style for the character design portion of the porfolio. Is anime/manga style looked down upon? A lot of Disney's character design consists of big dow eyes and button noses. Should I stay away from using a too anime-ish style?

there’s nothing wrong with an anime inspired style - alot of current students are highly influenced by anime and it shows in their work (probably since we grew up with it alot more than the professors?? who knows). but the majority of professors don’t really like it. it tends to look flat and they’re really looking for structure and volume. if you can somehow manage that though, go ahead, but just keep in mind most of them aren’t the biggest anime fans. 

mindoferror said: do you guys know if there's a residence roomate issue going on or something? me and my -hopefully to be- roomate have been trying to contact sheridan residence for weeks to see if we got eachother as roomates, and we've been freaking the hell out not knowing anything...

I haven’t heard anything of it, I don’t believe there’s an issue, but try calling during normal business hours if you haven’t already (9am - 5pm eastern standard time). Rez sends out emails announcing your room mate, so if you don’t end up with your friend, you can call and make them correct it (seeing as you both requested each other).

Anonymous said: Heyy do we paint in first year? :o

yes, with gouache only except for one or two assignments at the very end of the year

Anonymous said: Do we all get lockers in the school?

Yes, you pick your own and fill out a form for the security desk

Anonymous said: Sorry its about the life drawing question again, do we pay for it every time we go? How much per class?

no you don’t have to pay because its included in the tuition