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Anonymous asked: Do any of you know how the workload in APW is compared to fundies?

i never took fundies so i can’t say what the workload’s like but for apw, they don’t give you projects or exams or even deadlines really. it’s more so they tell you suggestions of what to work on throughout the week and you bring back what you’ve done. they’ll give you feedback and you go back, rework it and repeat the process. for example they’ll focus on room drawings during a certain week and you can bring in a bunch of room drawings you did at home the next class. but you can bring in whatever you’ve been working on basically.

depending on how much work you put into apw, it could be more or less than fundies (most likely less though)

Anonymous asked: This might seem kind of personal but I've got a friend in 3rd year Sheridan (going into 4th) and she's stressed because she hasn't gotten an internship yet and she doesn't know wha she wants after she graduates. I'm just wondering what you did for your internship and what're your plans now that you're graduating?


ok I hope this is gonna be encouraging rather than discouraging lol!

For internships: don’t worry. The internship office is crazy disorganized. I emailed that dude like 3 times a week for months and he never replied unless I went into the office. I didn’t get my internship until the very last day of class, and I know quite a few people who didn’t get them until a few WEEKS after classes ended, and they still ended up in good places. If you haven’t already, try contacting places that aren’t on the list supplied, coz you might be able to find something you really like there! For example, Telltale Games wasn’t doing internships, but I was like ‘heyyyyyyyyy hey gurl hey’ and they gave me a storyboarding test, although I got my internship in Toronto before I could complete it.

I was super picky about internships though because I HATEEEEEE animating and never want to do it, but like 90% of the jobs posted were specifically for that, and not for layout/storyboarding/anything else. But then a couple game companies posted looking for people to do assets for their games and I was like ‘sure I like video games’, and ended up going to Uken, which was totally the best thing that could’ve ever happened. Which leads me into the other part of the question:

It’s okay to not know what you want! I was just as stressed last year. I thought I really wanted to go into boards, and then I met up with (a notoriously shitty) prof for a portfolio review and she basically told me everything I do is garbage and that I’d never get a job. WHOOPS. So I was super miserable for months after that, I barely even wanted to draw, because previously I had really really respected her, and was super confused by her reaction because gotten 100% in her course and was all psyched about boarding because… uh, she told me I was A+ good at it. I have since realized she’s like the worst person ever so don’t take anything she says personally, but it kind of helped because I’m really into video game stuff now! I never would have been if I didn’t get my internship, because at Sheridan they don’t even TALK about video games. If they do, they make it seem like something you have to go through the 3D grad program to get into. I had no idea this was a job you could get with what they taught us, tbh. 

My point is: you can do whatever you want. There’s so many things you can do and not know about already because Sheridan focuses so much on film and tv animation. You don’t have to know exactly what it is right now - you have an entire extra year of school to figure something out! And even if you don’t have it figured out by then, you have the whole rest of your life. This isn’t like high school where they’re like PICK A JOB YOU CAN NEVER CHANGE OMFG. This is your life, you can take a bit of time to decide what you’re gonna do with it, it’s okay.

As for my plans after graduating: lord idk. We have our Industry Day tomorrow where all the companies come in to talk to us, and then after that we’re on our own. I haven’t been looking for anything at all yet, and as far as I know, the rest of the year is in the same boat. There is one dude out of the 110 of us who already has a job, and I’m 99% certain he got hired by his internship. I think another guy is working on getting a grant to start his own studio.

I’d love a job in the game industry somewhere, that’s my vague goal lol. Honestly, I just want a break - I haven’t had any time off that I didn’t do work through since summer of second year. T3T;; Give me like two weeks to play video games, pleaaase. This is my first week off school and I’ve still been there every day  lmao

Oh also, tell her congrats on her film! I don’t know which one it was, but I was at the screening and they were all great.

Anonymous asked: how in depth should i go when writing my appeal? should i break down like every criteria (Performance, Structure etc.) and say why i think my work deserved a higher score? or should i keep it kind of short...

Hrm, call the school. I don’t even remember writing a long appeal. I think I just asked for my one section (story) to be remarked and they did. They don’t choose to raise or not raise the score based on what you said I don’t think… they just remark it…. But I’m not positive either. Might have just been my circumstances.

Anonymous asked: I heard that Sheridan's going to have Maya next year. Do you know how they plan to integrate that into the curriculum? How much time is dedicated to studying 3D animation, as it is now?

One mandatory semester for maya animation in 2nd year, one mandatory semester for maya (and mudbox) modelling in 2nd year.  The rest, if you feel up to it, is up to you (you get a choice between model rigging or toonboom/2D cutout animation in 3rd year.)

In the curriculum they don’t focus on it too much but if you wanna get good at it take the stuff they teach you, go on forums, etc etc teach yourself the rest on your own time.  You really have to know what you want from this program and then make the best of it because they generally throw… everything at you…. and it’s actually impossible to be good at all of it.

Anonymous asked: So I'm going to APW. Any of you guys have experience with it?

i did. it was a fun year and the teachers are super awesome and they’ll kick your butt but in the long run you’ll thank them. 

they are there to help you but only if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. they won’t go chasing after you to do homework so it’s all on you but they’ll definitely help you out and give feedback if you bring work to show every week.

i had a fun time and hope you do too! good luck !

Anonymous asked: Is there anywhere we can find a list of first year classes online? On the sheridan website there's the courses but there's only 6 and on here you guys said there are 10 classes a semester.

the classes are split into two. 


animation/character design

story class/lecture


digital tools

and your elective 

I believe there are only 9 classes in first semester, and then second semester you get the animation history lecture added onto it.

Anonymous asked: Okay, this question might be silly, but... how are the mattresses in the dorms? Are they decent? In my past dorming experiences, I had a really difficult time sleeping on the provided beds...

they are absolutely wonderful (in my opinion). They just replaced them all last year, so they’re fairly new. They’re a little firm, but I always found they were perfect for me (everyone’s different though). I get a better sleep on the matresses in rez then I do in my own bed at home.

Anonymous asked: hello! I'm thinking of attending Gobelins...but I can't find much information about it so I hope you can help me. First of all, I heard that you need some animation experience...but what kind of experience? professional experience? if yes, where did you study before you got in Gobelins? please...tell me your steps, how did you study and everything. I really need some help here. thank you!





hey buddy !

Good you mentionned gobelins, you’re actually not the first person to ask me about the school.

Gobelins is really starting to open up to international students, fare is 6500€ per year and schooling lasts 4 years. It’s a blend of 2D and 3D teaching, with a BIG emphgasis on animation (rather than design and story board, background design or other ..)
Thing is, since you spend so much time on animation, you’ve gotta have solid draftman skills to  attend. In my case, you can find a link here to the portefolio that got me in :

but tbh, this isn’t what you wanna have. You wanna be way better than this in order to take in a maximum of informations. I was always behind, struggling with my poor drawing abilities with too little time to apply all the animation rules and guidelines you’re being taught.
You don’t need professional experience, even if this could be a plus. Professional from the industry will be evaluating your portefolio + “written” exam (more like drawn exam) so remember their expectations are industry level thus … strive for your best.

In my own particular case, I graduated from high school in France (with an option in sciences, this was to be sure I could drop out of drawing and get a “proper” job in case) then got in an intensive preparation art school. We took 8 hours of life drawing a week, observation drawinh etc .. I took the gobelins entrance exam twice : once on senior year of high school (obviously didnt get in), once after this preparation art school (and then got in). The school I attended was : l’atelier de sèvres. Now schooling there has changed a lot, so I’m not sure it’s that relevant to get in if you wanna try out for gobelins.

on a side note, you can self train by drawing at least 8 hours a day (this is what you’ll do i the industry anyway, so the earlier you get used to it …), drawing A LOT from observation (go to the zoo, if you don’t have a zoo, a park with like ducks and animals, and draw your pet, draw anything, glue your pen to your hand). Then life drawing, again and again and again….
and when you can’t take it anymore, draw some more. you’ll see you’ll make great progress thx to observation. TRy to get in some colo studies, shape design and creative stuff like that, but if you’re really into gobelins, think draftsmanship first.

here are a bunch of other portefolios that got students in gobelins as well :
dunno if this got in, but honestly it hope it did :

Hopefully this is some help. Cheers and good luck man, never give up. Motivation will be your greatest strenght in the end.

Thought this could be of interest ?

reblogging because I have more followers now, and I’m thinking this could be interesting to some of you ? :) (btw veestrainingcamp is my fanart tumblr hahaha)

Oh Gobelins…One day I might be able to visit and get chased off the property by security guards so I could die happy. 

Anonymous asked: so i was wondering about what residence has in it like i know they have the kitchens, microwaves, etc, but i havent been able to find out if they have silverware, dishes, pots, pans etc and my family has been annoying me about finding out for like a month and they want me to find out by thursday so yeah

no you need to bring all your own stuff. 

Anonymous asked: How many students do you usually have per class?

20-30… very average size